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How to Use This Book
This is your personal Moving Manual – your bible for the entire adventure. Print out the pages, find your three-hole puncher, put them in a sturdy binder and keep it by your side.

Chat With the Authors: Insights into the Art of Moving
Gain insights into the art of moving and get some of your basic questions answered.


This section of 29 Days To A Smooth Move details how you can save time while planning, considering various moving options and exploring your new community.

Chapter 1: Get a Grip on Your Time
No matter your timeframe, planning now means a smooth move later. It’s taking an overwhelming project and making it more manageable.

What are the big jobs that you dread doing? What are the details you absolutely have to remember but have a funny feeling you’ll forget? When’s the last day of school? Who knows a reliable mover? Hey, does anybody have a pen?

Rest easy. This chapter will help you make the most of the time you have.

Chapter 2: Should I Use Movers or Me?
One of the first decisions you have to make is whether to begin pumping iron so you can save some bucks by heaving your own boxes.

Or maybe you’re going to hire movers who have spent years taking part in the upcoming triathlon of packing, moving and unpacking.

Or maybe it’s something in between and you’ll do the packing and someone else will be doing the lifting. Discover your options and make your decision by using the information presented in this chapter.

Chapter 3: Meet and Greet Your New Community
Getting to know you…getting to know all about you…

It’s time to do some exploring! You no doubt have plenty of questions about where you’re going and what you’ll find once you get there.

Just as with all other aspects of moving life, some organization and planning will serve you well. Use this chapter’s information to start uncovering your new community – and see what surprises are in store!


This section of 29 Days To A Smooth Move details how you can save money in packing and at tax time.

Chapter 4: Money Matters – Paying For the Packing Tape
For many of us, there’s one question eating away at our brains – how much is this gonna cost?

Tissue, towels, twine, tape – it can add up! To give you an idea of just how much you’ll be shelling out for the foam peanuts, we’ve put together some estimates of vital packing materials and other moving expenses and included a do-it-yourself moving budget so you can compute your costs down to the last magic marker.  

Chapter 5:                         Keeping In Touch With Uncle Sam
The flipside of practically buying stock in a Magic Marker company is that you can make some fine tax deductions – some of the time.

Scraps of paper can become worth more than their weight in gold – take a look at this chapter to get an idea of how you can save money come April 15.


This section of 29 Days To A Smooth Move details how you can make the most when selling your home, save the most when leaving your apartment and have peace of mind knowing that everyone from the babysitter to the beautician has been told of your move.

Chapter 6: Prepping Your Lily Pad For Sale 
Not only do you have to pack everything underneath the roof, you have to sell the roof, too!

Selling your home presents its own unique challenges – what will you fix up and what will wait to challenge the new owners? When should you put it on the market? How can you make it a must-see for potential buyers? Wouldn’t it be easier to jack up the place and move it slowly down the road like you see on TV?

We have the answers to your questions! (Except for that last one – you’re on your own if you choose to literally move your house!)  

Chapter 7: Apartment, Sweet Apartment
Not so fast! Leaving an apartment is certainly easier than selling a house, yet before departing your rental unit you have some details to take care of so you get as much of your security deposit back as possible.

Here are some tips for getting your rented space looking and smelling sweet!

Chapter 8: Attention! Attention! I Am Leaving the Premises!
The list making continues. You have to tell today’s version of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker that you will no longer be needing their services. And don’t forget to inform the aunt who always kisses you on the lips that you may be seeing her a little less often.


This section of 29 Days To A Smooth Move gets down and dirty on the specifics of packing and your physical move.

Chapter 9: Sort It Out Before You Pack It Up
The problem with moving is that most of us have made mountains out of our homes, as in peaks of possessions and hills of hodgepodge.         Read on to get motivated in releasing your grip on what weighs you – and your moving van – down.

Chapter 10:                         Packing No-No’s
There are some items that you just can’t safely pack – or simply aren’t allowed to transport. Peruse this chapter to get the low down about what must be left behind.

Chapter 11:                         Packing (and Carrying) Yes-Yes’s
Where did my Moving Manual go? There are some things that just shouldn’t be put in a box and covered with clear tape. Before you mistakenly seal up your box of packing supplies, look over this information for ideas of what should stay in your sight and by your side.

Chapter 12:                         Have Yourself A Pack Attack
Packing have you panicked? Or is this what you’ve been itching to do all along: box up the stuff and stack it in the corner? It’s some of the most gratifying moving work you’ll do. Discover our top tips to get packed in tip-top shape!

Chapter 13:                         There’s Got To Be A Morning After Box
Hon, where’s the coffee? It’s 6 a.m. the day after your move. Bushed and bleary-eyed, make sure you have the essentials to make your first day in your new home a happy one.

Chapter 14:                         The Dawn of Moving Day
It’s finally here! Are you ready? (Everybody give a resounding “Yes!”) Get a good start to your moving day by following these helpful hints, and we’ll make sure you get there in one piece!

Chapter 15:                         Welcome Home: Moving-In Day On The Receiving End 
The fun doesn’t end once you wave bye-bye to your former           community because, unfortunately, you can’t live out of the moving van! Here are our words of wisdom to ensure your washer ends up where it belongs.


This section of 29 Days To A Smooth Move looks at the emotion commotion that accompanies moving. Move your pets and kids without tearing your hair out and stop and say goodbye to all you’ve known. Finally, dream a little dream about what good things are going to happen next!

Chapter 16:                         An Ocean Of Emotion
Your mind may be keeping busy with all you have to do before the move, but how’s your heart coping? If you’re anything like most of us, it’s doing its share of flip-flops at the thought of moving.

It’s important not to pack your feelings right along with the fine china. Instead, reflect on what you’re going through and your reactions to it.         And, just like packing, this process is not going to take care of itself overnight. In the meantime, get started with some of our thought-provoking ideas of what you might be feeling – and how you’re going to handle it.

Chapter 17:                         Saying Goodbye: It’s a Family Affair
Bidding adieu to those you love can be one of the most trying parts of moving. Those farewells usually come at about the same time as some of the more stressful moments – like right after you packed up a 25-foot semi tractor trailer with nearly every possession you own!

There are ways to get through it – and even grow in the process. This chapter will explain the spiritual value of formally saying goodbye to the family, friends and even places that you’ve grown to love.  

Chapter 18:                         Take This Job
You may have been dreaming of this moment for years – strutting into your boss’s office and saying, somewhat louder than necessary, “I quit!”

Well, it’s probably better to keep that particular scenario in your dreams. Even if you’re moving to take the best job ever created, it’s a good idea to use some tact when you’re parting ways with your soon-to-be former company. Here’s everything you need to know to do just that!

Chapter 19: Don’t Have a Cow, Dude! Children and Teens on the Move
No doubt about it – kids take moving hard.

We’re sure you can remember the great traumas of child- and teenhood: Doing homework, making friends and finding zits. It’s no fun leaving the known behind and becoming “the new kid” in one feld swoop.

This chapter helps you help your children from the announcement to the transition – especially when trying to communicate to your teen, even in those times you may not recognize him or her!

Chapter 20: Moving the Whole “Kitten” Caboodle (And Poochie Patoodle!)
In the best of times, pets help you remain calm, cool and collected. In moving times, you may enter another emotional dimension altogether.

In fact, this could get kinda hairy.

Don’t despair, after reading this chapter, you’ll be ready to move a zoo if you have to!

Chapter 21: Every Exit Is an Entrance Somewhere Else
Praise be, you’re done! Or are you just beginning? Welcome to your fresh start. Knees knocking a little? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Discover how moving can truly fuel your dreams. Your new life is waiting – act now!

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