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How to move your home

Imagine it — Moving Day Morning . . .

  • with our guide to stress free home removals you even have time to spare for a relaxing cup of coffee before the home movers arrive, knowing your home removal will be right on schedule.
  • It works in London, New York,  and even in East Dulwich 🙂
  • Neatly packed and labeled boxes hold your most valuable and necessary possessions
  • Your precocious teen and precious pet are ready to go
  • Your checkbook has a healthy balance

It can happen to you . . .
if you use the moving tips, tricks and tools found in your personal moving manual: 29 Days To A Smooth Move.

29 Days To A Smooth Move offers over 175 pages of practical advice to help you


  • Determine what must be done – and when
  • Save money in moving supplies and at tax time
  • Pack with a confident plan
  • Sell your home for more money
  • Move yourself and your family (including those precocious teens and precious pets) with less disruption
  • Discover the secrets of your new community…and much, much more!

“I can’t say enough for the clear and often humorous suggestions in 29 Days To A Smooth Move The ‘moving pets’ chapter really hits the mark.  Do yourself a favor and use this book!”

Carol Marquez, MPH
Community Health Consultant
Pacific Beach, Cal.

With 29 Days To A Smooth Move – your complete moving resource — you are well on your way to a hassle-free relocation!

Have more than 29 days? Excellent! You have time to make the most of your home moving manual and discover ways to save money and your sanity while you pack with confidence and ease.

Have fewer than 29 days? You’ll find the manual’s checklist and calendar the most valuable moving information found on five pages – along with many tips for saving time when you’re moving your home in a hurry.

29 Days To A Smooth Move reveals the answers to all your worrisome moving questions, including:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I stay organized?
  • When do I tell the kids?
  • How do I save money?
  • What about my pets?
  • How do I work through my feelings about leaving “home?”
“From the practical suggestions to the personal tales, this book may make you want to move! Preparing for the ‘big home move’ will always be a big deal; 29 Days will reduce it to manageable details.”

Edd and Sue Sturdevant
Union City, Pa.

Plus, 29 Days To A Smooth Move offers something other moving books don’t…

A place for everything and everything in its place –

That was the idea behind 29 Days To A Smooth Move’s “Make a Moving Memo” and “Make a Date” prompts found throughout the book.

We provide ideas and space for you to stay organized with lists and important dates when you are:

  • Planning a garage sale
  • Budgeting your moving costs
  • Exploring your new community
  • Contacting everyone who needs to be alerted to your relocation

We’ve included these “don’t forget” items with their corresponding sections so you can work your way to a smooth and easy move in 29 days – more or less!

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“I appreciate the numerous blank “memo” areas for conveniently jotting down notes and ideas as they relate to each topic. This is a straightforward, easy-to-read and witty guide about home removals I recommend to anyone who is a planning a house move!”

Andrea Valerio
Erie, Pa.

And, while you’re taking care of all the necessary details associated with a home move, we help you with one vital area you’re more than likely to forget…

It’s no secret that moving is one of life’s most stressful events.  

That’s why we made 29 Days To A Smooth Move different than any other moving book.

We help you navigate the ocean of emotion a move brings, including:

  • The anxieties felt by you, your children and pets
  • The stress of those who are being left behind
  • The importance of pausing to say goodbye
“Thank you! 29 Days To A Smooth Move provided me an easy step-by-step approach to my upcoming move, minimizing my anxiety and stress of relocating.”

Brad C. Castleman
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Whether you’re thinking about moving or in the process of packing, 29 Days To A Smooth Move can help you conduct the move of your dreams.

And there’s even more reason to get your own copy of 29 Days To A Smooth Move. . .

FOUR incredible bonuses – all worth their weight in packing tape!

29 Days To A Smooth Move offers more than good detailed packing and moving advice. You’ll receive FOUR bonus sections to assure the “big picture” aspects of your move are taken care of…

29 Days To A Smooth Move’s Checklist and Calendar.

It’s a checklist of all the tasks to complete – and when to complete them. Plus, we include a calendar template where you can fill in the important dates associated with your own move.

29 Days To A Smooth Move’s “Just the Facts” section.

All the book’s “Make a Moving Memo” and “Make a Date” prompts in one place for your list-making convenience.

BONUSES No. 3 and 4:
You’ve arrived – now what?

These two chapters walk you through making your house a home and de-stressing for success.

We’ve done the research for you – online and off!  
Sure, there are other moving resources out there, some of them free.

But how valuable is your time? If you’re moving, you’ve got a ton of work to do. You’d have to spend hundreds of hours online and off to find all the information in 29 Days To A Smooth Move.

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Our Personal Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with 29 Days To A Smooth Move, tell us within two weeks and we’ll buy it back from you! Plus, if you have any questions about the information, you can e-mail us at info@29DaysToASmoothMove.com.

We’re online all the time and promise to get back to you promptly!

29 Days To A Smooth Move offers you all this:

  • Over 175 pages of material to see you through a smooth move, from packing to unpacking.
  • Four bonus sections encompassing nearly everything you need to know from beginning to end.
  • Our personal, money-back guarantee. If, after 14 days, you’re not satisfied that 29 Days To A Smooth Move is your complete moving resource, we’ll buy it back from you.
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